Indica Dominant

90% Indica / 10% Sativa

THC 26 - 30%


Pink Octane’s sky-high THC and gassy undertones shot it straight to the top of GreenSeal’s in-house Nursery program.

Absolutely covered with frosty trichomes, the visible potency of this blushing indica-typical phenotype is confirmed by its powerfully euphoric and relaxing effects.

You’ll be tickled pink by its sweet and nutty flavor profile, mingled with a subtle touch of funky fuel aroma.

During inhalation, Pink Octane’s “high” starts with a blend of euphoric cerebral and blissful expressions. Over the first 15 minutes, the “high” steadily increases the intensity of Blissfulness smothering Stress and Anxiety to refresh and rejuvenate. At the Peak, we have strong time dilations, mind numbing blissfulness and a euphoric sense of well being.

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Pink Octane 26-30% THC


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