Sizzle Disposable Vape Pens

  • Disposable cannabis vape pen that uses a 400 mAh battery
  • 1 gram of 99% pure THC distillate combined with terpenes
  • Extracted using state of the art C02 technology
  • 13 of your favourite strains to choose from
  • Ultra smooth inhale and flavourful taste


Flavors available:

Cranberry Kush / OG Kush /  Pineapple Express / Gelato / Maui Wowie / Wedding Cake


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Sizzle 1g Vape Pens

Flavors available:

Indica: Cranberry Kush /  Wedding Cake

Sativa:  Pineapple Express / Maui Wowie
Hybrid: Gelato / OG Kush
To Order, please text us at (437) 242-2898 or order online.
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