What to look for when choosing and buying good weed.


  1. Smell: Cannabis cultivated and cured to the highest standards typically exhibits a pungent and pleasant aroma. Flowers emitting a strong fragrance are commonly referred to as having a “dank” or “loud” odor, indicating the overall quality of the flower. There are a variety of terms for the types of aromas high-quality cannabis emits, including skunk, diesel, and pine. The common denominator is that a good-smelling flower is distinct, pungent, and unmistakable. The stronger the fragrance is, the more nuanced the experience is likely to be.


  1. Look: High-end flower, like fresh, healthy produce, provides a few visual hints to help you determine its quality. While all good cannabis should be visually appealing, a top-shelf strain can easily display a vibrant array of colors. Good-quality flowers are often a deep green with flaming orange or red hairs. They can also express colors from deep purple to bright blue.


  1. Feel: Top-shelf flower should be sticky and slightly spongy when you touch or gently squeeze it between your fingers. Stems should snap and the bud should be relatively easy to break apart, but shouldn’t be completely dry or crumble when you touch it. Alternatively, buds shouldn’t be too wet or soft, since these have a higher chance of developing or containing mold or mildew. 


  1. Flower structure: Skillfully cultivated and cured sativa-leaning flowers tend to be light and fluffy in shape and composition, while indicas tend to be tighter and denser in flower structure. Though the structure and the experience you end up having usually have little to do with each other. Rock-hard flowers are a sign that cultivators may have used plant growth regulators, which can lead to an unpleasant taste. Extremely fluffy flowers could be a signal that the plant was not grown under sufficient light intensity and was not cultivated to its potential. 


Some of the most highest quality strains:


  • King Louis XIII: The smell is incredibly fresh, heavy, but sweet at the same time. Additionally, it is very tasty, it is a perfect blend of sweet and sours, thus making it an ideal strain to medicate with. King Louie XIII will overwhelm your senses, it is not a creeper and instead hits hard. You will experience a heavy feeling throughout your body and head all the while feeling euphoric and happy.


  • OMFG: OMFG packs an amazing full-bodied high that’s filled with heady laughter and physical relaxation. You’ll feel the cerebral effects wash over you first, lifting your mood and filling you with a giddy euphoria. A light tingly sense comes next, working its way behind the eyes before spreading throughout your entire body, helping you to feel fully relaxed and at ease from head to toe. You’ll find yourself hit with a pretty heavy case of the giggles at this point, laughing at anything and everything around you.


  • Peanut Butter Breath: Peanut Butter Breath smells like a freshly opened peanut butter jar with a pungent kush twist. The flavour is nutty and earthy. It has a creamy kush effect upon exhale that’s slightly pungent and sour. The Peanut Butter high is stoney, perfect for kicking back and binging on snacks during the late afternoon. It starts with a cerebral lift that leaves you feeling euphoric, although pretty hazy and unable to focus. Then, as your mind falls into deep introspection, your body will succumb to heavy sedation that can leave you feeling sleepy if you take too much of this tasty bud at once.


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